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Fractals And Art


Image by Jarosław Wierny. Click to enlarge.

Originally Posted by Pat Rafferty

The project Sean and I worked on was concerned with fractals and art. There were two parts to the project: fractals in art, and fractals as art.Fractals in art showed how various works of art were created using fractals. For thousands of years, dating back to ancient times, people have used fractals to create fantastic art pieces. Some examples of this include religious mandalas, Dali’s Visage of War, and gothic architechure. These different art forms each portray a fractal nature, but are limited by the physical boundaries of reality.Fractals as art considered whether or not fractal created images should fall under the same label as other artforms. Fractal landscapes and other fractal generated images were given as examples of some pieces that might be considered art. Our discussion concluded that art is a personal preference and that there is not right or wrong answer.