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Originally Posted by Matt Venanzi

It never ceases to amaze me, even before "Chaos & Fractals," how random, yet logical, strange, yet sensible, intricate, yet explicable the world is. Could God just be watching us discover every little intricacy he has made about the world, like a proud parent, or an accomplished inventor, marveling at their "creation"? What, then, is still left to be discovered? And I mean that, not in that we have discovered it all, but in that we have barely touched the tip of the iceberg!

Is it laughable, then, that we think we are so far "advanced"?

But how could God, Him Herself, have done all of this? It just seems like too much! Then again, is it all relative? Do we have the capacity to fathom all that there is? Is that "capacity" expanding ~ with each generation"? "Evolutionarily"? Do some have more "capacity" than others? This all seems so esoteric, yet comprehensible—– I guess its just another one of those woes of God… I’ll keep trying…